Professional candidates – attitude during interview

In order to be in the short-list of a Recruiter, you should prove your professionalism through every contact. However, do not think that Recruiter will be willing to show what you should improve. They have the mission of finding suitable candidate and if you cannot meet their requirements, your name will be deleted from the top list. In the advisory series of Professional candidates, we will help you to know which behaviors you should and should not do to impress Recruiter from the beginning.

After passing the CV scanning, there will be the direct interview. From this state, your behaviors and attitudes will be the decisive factor to determine the interview result. Beside being on time and having a suitable dress code, the important things are keeping calm and avoiding below mistakes:

1. Interview just for fun

Nothing would make the Recruiter upset by the conversation with a candidate who seems not to care about the job or answers superficially. When was being asked, they said that they just come to know how the company is, and then consider to accept the job. Mr. An – HR Manager of EDF company, used to wait for a candidate in 20 minutes before finding out that the candidate was walking around the company to see the working situation before the interview. Absolutely, the name of this candidate had been in the “Black-list” forever.

2. Using cellphone during interview

Ms. Ha has been considered as a potential candidate for the position of Sales Deputy Manager. However, the position was offered to another person while she is still on the way of looking for job. The reason for her rejection by the recruiters was that Ha had repeatedly answered the phone and texted messages during interview so that the Recruiters had to remind her to turn off the phone.

Using cell phone during the interview is one thing you should avoid first. If you are waiting for a very urgent phone call, or you have problem has to be solved urgently, do ask the Recruiter before starting the interview. Try to end the call as fast as possible. Normally, Recruiters have a lot of candidates so they will not waste time for you if you spend too much time on the phone. If you are not in such urgent circumstances, turn off your phone before the interview.

3. Rambling

“Tell us something about yourself” is one of the questions sometimes Recruiters are very reluctant to ask. Many candidates have just heard this question and immediately started a rambling story about their personal profile, hobbies, habits, etc. On the contrary, they have forgotten to mention necessary information such as working experiences, or motivation for the job.

4. Being complacent

You are absolutely right to be proud of your achievements but you should show in a modest way. You can say “I’m not claiming to be the best but I always try my best and my efforts paid off with the prize winner of XYZ competition”. On the other hand, if you stick out your chest by expressing “After overtaking 2 high potential candidates for the position of Director and the last candidate by excellent business plan, the Sales Director position at ABC Company belonged to me”, the Recruiter will gently brick your name off the list.

In addition, some of candidates chose to fabricate their accomplishments to make their resumes more attractive. However, the Recruiter can always discover it easily. Thus, the best way to impress the Recruiter is telling the truth and humility.