Prepare for your Interview

Are you getting “overwhelmed” with advice from different people before your interview? Let consider what you should and should not follow.

Sometimes, you may be confused by getting a lot of advice from your friends or relatives. Here comes the advice that you should consider before applying it into your interview​.

1. “You should always wear vest”

It is true that you should be formal in dressing to look professional but it does not mean that you should always wear a vest.

Supposing that you are invited to join an interview at a company where all the employees dress in their own style while you look just like a “serious guy”. It shows that you do not know anything about their culture.

The clothes you wear during the interview should match with the company’s working environment. Suitable clothes will show the employers your careful preparation and interest in the position you are applying for.

2. Saying “I am a perfectionist” when being asked “What are your weaknesses?”

It is said that you should point out your strong points by saying they are your weaknesses when being asked. In fact, this is a very artificial, stereotyped and hollow advice. Acting upon this advice, you will lose the opportunity to show your self-awareness to the employers as well as your willingness to receive suggestions to improve yourself.

In this case, you are encouraged to be honest to tell your weaknesses along with a detailed plan to improve to the employers. By this way, instead of pointing out the problem alone, you are suggesting a solution as well.

3. “Be yourself”

“Be yourself” is a very classical advice you may get when asking for tips for interview but this does not work sometimes. You have to show the employers that you are the most suitable candidate for the position, not just wait to be discovered by them. Being too honest will kill your chances.

Certainly, you should not tell lie or make a perfect version of yourself while you are really not. However, you should highlight your strong points to make a good impression to the employers. Anyway, you are a sale person who try to “sale yourself”, let show the best of you to impress the employers. This really works.