Since its founding, JGC Vietnam has implemented diverse EPC projects in the oil and gas field. These projects cover oil and gas production, petroleum refining, and petrochemicals. JGC Vietnam is known for its top-class performance as an EPC contractor in the field of oil and gas supported by a broad range of engineering technologies and excellent project management capabilities from JGC Group.

As the oil and gas business area in Vietnam is expected to expand its oil & LNG demand over a long term driven by rising energy demand linked to rapid economic growth, JGC Vietnam, taking advantages of its experience in 2 Refinery Projects in Vietnam, namely Dung Quat Refinery and Nghi Son Refinery, is pursuing a wide range of opportunities to the provision of Refinery expansion projects, and is expanding its business to LNG projects. It contributes to the success of customers’ capital investment plans as well as economic growth and industrial advancement in resource-producing nations.