1. Introduction to Compliance

In today business environment, no matter what your role is, compliance is becoming more significant to our business than ever before. Standards and regulations are always challenges for business enterprises all over the world. While standards are typically provided as recommended guidance, regulations are mandatory and must be addressed. Violation of regulations or Non-compliance can lead to fines and penalties, and even potential damage to the organization’s reputation.

JGC Vietnam Co., Ltd. (herein called JVC) pays a high level of attention to the Compliance Program, an important factor of sustainable growth. As a part of the JGC Group Companies, JVC has also adopted the JGC Group Compliance Spirit and implemented a strict anti-corruption policy as well as strictly complied with all laws and regulatory requirements in Vietnam.

2. Management Compliance Message

Annually, JVC Management delivers a compliance message to remind and encourage all members to always take into account the Business Code of Conduct and Compliance Policy.

3. Compliance Policy

Along with JVC Compliance Program, JVC also established a Compliance Policy system to ensure that all activities, products, and services are complied with Laws, Regulations, and the Highest Ethical Standards as the reflection of a strong professional compliance culture.

4. Compliance Office

JVC Compliance Program is created and managed by the Compliance Office. A Compliance Chairman and Officers from different divisions are designated by management. They work as a team to ensure all members doing business with highest ethical standards and comply with all laws and regulations.

You can contact the Compliance Office any time, for any questions, suggestions, clarifications and report about compliance matter through emails or call.
Email: jvc-whistleblower@jgc.com
Telephone: +84 24 3794 0520