JVC are confident that we can fulfil the needs and requirements of the clients, regardless of project scale, working environment, regional challenges, cultural differences, etc. We strive to keep this promise, stay within budget and follow all safety regulations, schedules and quality standards, until the very last day of the project.

The high-levelled construction plan prepared by JVC will utilize manpower, infrastructure and materials on a large scale, to maintain safety and quality while minimizing construction time and cost. Depending on project location, JVC will devise suitable construction methods and management system at site to ensure effective use of manpower.

With many years of experience in preparing construction plan and carrying out construction work for projects in hard or unstable circumstances, our project engineers works out together to tackle all problems effectively and swiftly, in order to complete the plant on time.

1 Feasibility Study – Contract Bidding Phase

No two projects designed and constructed by JVC will be the same as each other. We have access to many years’ worth of project experience and will apply these experiences to create the maximum effects, by analysing the conditions of each plant and tailor a construction plan most suitable for these conditions, as well as fixed list of cost to support our bid of a project.

2 Project Start – Beginning of On-site Construction

Our project team members consist of the most talented members in the fields of E (Engineering), P (Procurement) and C (Construction).

Construction manager, who is in charge of construction team, has a wide range of experience in order to manage a group of professionals who have knowledge in construction planning, contracts, schedule control, and other specialties. To start the construction work, this team will begin with the preparation including finding the best subcontractor, setting up the camp and site offices, and execute large scale project construction work.

Moreover, during the very beginning phase of the project, depending on the construction schedule and procedures (known as Constructability Study), the construction team will plan the requirements and provide feedback to upstream stages, including basic design and procurement, to ensure an optimized project.

3 On-site Construction – Completion

When the basic design and procurement work are almost finished, construction team will start to prepare at the site to ensure smooth launch of the work. Some examples of such work are relocation of existing water bodies when environmental protection measures are being carried out, removal of existing structures, improvement of foundation and setting up the construction camp to be ready for many personnel.

Once the construction work starts, it is essential to manage all construction tasks, construction quality, schedules, and the large amount of site personnel. Along with this, timely dispatch and information sharing according to construction progress are also paid attention.

Finally, JVC always aims to maintain the safety and quality of construction work. IIF, a program developed by JGC, was carried out in many projects to ensure this aim is always met.