The quantity of equipment in an industrial plant can reach hundreds or even thousands. JVC carries out the total service for procurement process; from issuing inquiries, procurement/ manufacturing management, quality inspection to transportation of the equipment to construction site; and ensure the responsibility throughout the service.

When selecting the equipment, JVC integrates information from many sources and carefully considers quality, delivery schedule and total cost, in order to choose the most suitable vendor.

The manufacturing/ quality management conducted by JVC will cover all the period from manufacturing to final inspection. All tasks are carefully carried out, including transportation planning to custom, shipment, submittal of export approval application to various government bodies, and delivery to the construction site.

To control all the procurement activities effectively, JVC assigns a Project Procurement Manager (PPM), who is an expert in all of these activities. This PPM will oversee and manage all procurement work that requires complicated and high-level management ability, to ensure that the quality, delivery and cost are optimized. In our projects, JVC has always been able to provide a great procurement service that satisfy all the requirements of the project.