What should you do when being invited to a job interview?

Direct interview is an opportunity for you to genuinely express yourself and persuade the employer to offer you the job, not anyone else.

Your dream job is always within your reach by following a detailed to-do-list as follows

Preparation, preparation and preparation!

According to Rick Nelles – career and recruitment consultant, preparation does not merely involve bringing along some back-up resume copies. You also need to do some research about the company, their business and the level of compatibility between your competence and the job requirements.


A simple but neat and elegant outfit would be a good choice for interview. Showy clothes should be avoided.

On time

In fact, you should arrive at the interview venue at least 15 minutes earlier. By this way, the employer would highly appreciate your attitude. In addition, you will also have time to calm down and review your resumes and notes for the interview.

Eye contact

You should begin the interview by shaking employers’ hands, warmly smiling and looking straight into their eyes. No eye contact will lead employers to assume that you are inexperienced, unselfconfident and unreliable.

Enthusiasm with the position

According to Martin Yate – career consultant cum author of many books related to this topic such as “Good luck to you 2007 – Job hunting handbook”, among a lot of candidates applying for a position, the one with high motivation for the job would take it all. Your enthusiasm will help you become a dedicated staff in employer’s eyes.

Team spirit

In Martin Yate’s view, employers always show interest in candidates that have good teamwork skill and conform to employer’s request. No employer wants to hire an unruly staff. They also need employees that can inspire the other to achieve the group’s target. Therefore, you should tell the employers about some situations in which you and your group made a good collaboration to implement a big project or an important customer.


Talking with employer is just like persuading your customers. You should make good preparation about what you want to show about yourself to the employer. In case the employers do not mention about this matter, try to express by yourself.


One rule is to never tell lies about anything during your interview. Thanks to technological and social relationship development, verification has become an easy task to employers. Keep in mind that the employers are in search of the most suitable employee for the position in their company, not a genius or scholar to award Nobel prize.

Professional manner

First rule is to never eat chewing gum, slouch or talk ramblingly during the interview. Always keep your back straight and behave professionally in front of your interviewers


Interview is an opportunity for employer and candidates to learn about each other. Don’t be afraid to make questions regarding work, customers or projects. If you are too reserved in the interview, the result may be not as good as you expect. Indifference during the conversation will make the employers judge you as a timid and incapable person.

“Thank you”

Your interview should end with a firm handshake, a friendly smile and don’t forget to thank your interviewer. It is suggested that you ask the interviewer about time of result and whether you have to remind them of it or not. Later, you also should send a thank-you email to the interviewer for spending their time for you as well as expressing your motivation for the position and hope to contact them as early as possible. 

*Source: Internet