Photo contest “Working from home corner”

It is a hidden fact that working corner always has a certain influence on our mood and working efficiency. During the time working from home to prevent the Covid-19 from April to May 2020, JGC Vietnam launched the photo contest “Working from home corner” with an enthusiastic participation of our employees.

We received lots of creative photos, which obtains a great impression on this competition. It is difficult to find two pictures with the same concept or view as they show the unique individual characteristics of their owners. One working corner is covered by the green color of trees and gentle lights of the morning. One other is “typically engineering place” with high-speed monitors and large designing screens. Other table followed the “Minimalist” style with modest beauty, etc. Overall, all photos carry the common message: “Design your own working corner so you can start a new day with full energy and concentrate on working”.

Despite the short-term of this contest, the most important thing is the closer connection amongst JGC Vietnam members made through their sharing of private corners at home.

  Let’s take a look at the photos of the contest!