Luncheon – Meet & Greet event

Whenever a New Year comes, our General Director gathers all JGC Việt Nam members to share our business results of 2019 and the plan for the year 2020.

Beginning with a story about the trip of the company’s top managers to Fansipan mountain, the highest top in the Indochina Peninsula, Mr. Nobuaki Hoshino wishes JVC to develop as the number one EPC Contractor in Vietnam. This great desire inspires all participants to elevate our working effectiveness and collaboration more in 2020.

With the sharing of the 2020 business orientation, all JVC-ers, were enlightened about how and where JGC Vietnam boat will go.

In the cozy atmosphere of the luncheon, we also have open small talks while enjoying food & beverage which were well prepared by local chefs.

This annual activity is one of the most expected events in our JVC family which strengthens the connection between employees and the company’s management board.