JGC Vietnam will hold a Career Orientation at Hanoi University of Mining and Geology

With the aims of equipping college students with knowledge and basic skills that are essential for them when looking for a job, JGC Vietnam will work with Department of Oil and Gas – Hanoi University of Mining & Geology to conduct a Career Orientation on May 15th 2018.

The target audience of this seminar is mainly junior and senior students from Oil and Gas Department, where many of JGC employees used to study before. In this seminar, JGC will primarily share with HUMG students the following contents:

  • Information about JGC Vietnam
  • Labor market situation in Vietnam
  • What recruiters expect from job seekers
  • How to write a CV and a cover letter properly
  • How to prepare for an interview, with a mock-up interview with a student of HUMG

This program, with interesting and useful sharing from JGC Vietnam, is expected to attract a large number of HUMG students to participate with eagerness and enthusiasm.