JGC Vietnam takes adaptive measures to cope with COVID-19 pandemic

It’s easy to see that COVID-19 is affecting all business sectors in Vietnam, from transport, accommodation, tourism, retail, restaurant and entertainment services. In JGC Vietnam, we have been dealing with the impact of COVID-19 at the first day of Covid-19 outbreak.

In January 2020, Coronavirus is spreading outside of Vietnam to other countries, the Vietnamese government promptly issued many recommendations and measures to prevent the outbreak of Covid-19. Following the direction of the government, JGC Vietnam actively takes preventive measures for all employees from the first days of the outbreak.

In order to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection, following the advices from WHO, dry hand sanitizer are prepared for each department, and one in the Reception to make sure that all staffs and visitors clean their hands regularly, especially after using the rest room, and coming back from outside of the office.

In addition, we also remind all staffs wear masks every time when being out of office, in the elevator or go to any events with many people. Every Friday afternoon, we keep doing 5S before leaving the office by cleaning table, keyboard, mouse and IP phone daily by using the wiper with the antiseptic hand sanitizer, dispose unnecessary items and arrange documents neatly.

Importantly, we do not encourage staffs to go to work if they get cold or cough. In special case, if they still need to come to the office, they should be aware of wearing mask in the office, or go to the hospital for check up. Moreover, we also sent staffs the Emergency contact flow whenever any of them affected by the virus, which required compulsory medical quarantine, or medical quarantine.

On 6th, March 2020, after 22 days without detecting any new case and all the 16 patients have recovered and been discharged from hospitals, A 26-year-old woman in Ha Noi tested positive for CoVid-19 after returning from Europe. Viet Nam turns into new phase of the Covid-19 prevention and control.


Under that complicated situation, there is much we do not know yet about how it spreads, how serious it can be, or how to treat it. In order to prevent Covid-19 spreading in community, all JVC members and visitors are requested to have temperature scanning at reception area. Also, one of the way to protect ourselves from virus infection is keeping our immune system strong by doing exercise regularly. To help JVC members improve both mental health and mood, we have a daily yoga class internally after work for all staffs without fee.

Recently, following the Directive No. 16/CT-TTg issued by Prime Minister of Vietnam and the more seriousness of Covid-19 pandemic, JGC Vietnam’s Top Management would apply remote work from home starting from 1st April, 2020. We believe this decision will contribute to the joint effort in combating the COVID-19 pandemic together with the Vietnamese Government. We are proactive, we are united, and we will be successful in the battle against COVID-19.