JGC Vietnam held a Career orientation seminar at Hanoi University of Mining and Geology

With the aims of equipping college students with knowledge as well as basic skills during the process of looking for a job after graduating, JGC Vietnam has cooperated with Department of Oil and Gas – Hanoi University of Mining & Geology conducted Career Orientation Seminar on November 11th, 2015.

The audience of this seminar mainly focused on junior and senior college students from Oil and Gas Department, where most of JGC Freshmen employees used to study. In this seminar, JGC primarily shared with students the following contents:

  • Labor market situation in Vietnam
  • Information about JGC Vietnam
  • How to write a CV and a cover letter
  • How to prepare for an interview and how to answer interview questions.

The orientation has taken place in an open and exciting atmosphere with the attendance of a large number of college students. A lot of questions about job seeking, how to write a CV, job interviews and information relating to JGC Vietnam were raised by the students during the seminar.