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Outstanding Ability in Construction Planning and Implementation

    No matter how bad the environmental conditions are, uninhabited regions, desert, jungle, or bitterly cold terrains, JGC Vietnam strictly maintains the construction schedule as well as the estimated cost for successful completion of the plant and to fully satisfy the client. At the start of the project, a plan is developed with the targets set as carrying out construction work with the shortest schedule and minimum cost by combining resources including labor, construction machinery, and materials on a global scale and in an efficient manner. Plant construction is completed by maximally applying the modular construction method, the pre-fabrication construction method, and state-of-the-art IT technologies. Optimum construction management expertise is introduced at the plant construction site in order to overcome uncertain factors that may arise. The highest quality construction work is conducted to achieve the goals set, by managing such uncertain factors including risk, time, resource, information, organization, and communications.  





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