JVC Story – Krong Pa Charity

Corporate Social Responsibility Activities in 2018

With a vision to contribute to the growth of Vietnam, while executing Krong Pa solar power project in Gia Lai Province, JGC Vietnam decided to organize a Charity Program this July.

The Company, in cooperation with Hoang An Services & Investment Company and Ha Van Education and Health Care service, organized the Charity Program on 25th July 2018, with the main purpose to support the poor, ethnic minority households and other policy beneficiaries in Chu Gu Commune.

The program was successfully held with the presence of Krong Pa Committee Province, Red Cross, Chu Gu Commune Leaders, households from the commune and JGC Vietnam’s management and project members. All participants, especially the households were excited to join the event and receive the realistic gifts as rice, blankets, sugar, etc. Although the gifts were simple, by this event, JGC Vietnam wanted to show the care to all the poor and their families, which were appreciated by all the participants that day.

With the construction of the very first solar power plant in Krong Pa district, once completion, JGC Vietnam believes this plant will contribute significantly to the economic growth, promote local socio-economic development, and replenish renewable energy sources to the national grid system, while contributing to a common effort in environmental preservation.

Besides this program, JGC Vietnam plans to have more activities in the coming time to contribute to the social development of Vietnam. Importantly, the company is always aware of the impacts we’re having on all environmental, social and economic aspects when doing business in Vietnam.