JGC Football Championship 2015

With the spirit “Work hard, play harder”, JGC Vietnam Football Championship is one of the most anticipated activities among those loving football – the king of sports. On November 7th 2015, at Chua Lang Playground, the JGC Annual Football Championship was taken place in the excitement of the whole company’s employees.

There were 8 teams from different departments in the company, including:

  1. The United Team
  2. The Process Team
  3. The Young Piping Team
  4. The Old Piping Team
  5. The Young Civil Team
  6. The  Old Civil Team
  7. The Electrical Team
  8. The Instrumentation and Control Team

In the end of the Championship, the Young Piping team with the dominance of JGC new-coming team members, has excellently defeated all other teams to claim the championship. The runner-up, also the previous champion, belonged to Young Civil Team. This year, the United Team has climbed to third in ranking after many years without winning a title.