Compliance Management Message 2018

Dear Colleagues,

JGC Vietnam has established and enjoys a very positive reputation across our business in the last years. Our reputation influences many aspects of the company and plays a significant role in our business development. With a vision of being a number One EPC contractor in Vietnam, your commitment to compliance in all activities are crucial for enhancing more JGC reputation and business success.

Importantly, in our fast paced business environment, the values of our professionals and the integrity of JGC Vietnam are continually being tested. The trust placed in JGC Vietnam by our clients, business partners and all our stakeholders must never be taken for granted, and the responsibility for ethical and professional behavior must be taken seriously – by everyone, at every level of our organization. All of us are committed to upholding and maintaining our organization’s reputation to sustain public trust and maintain investors’ confidence.

By this message, I would like to emphasize JGC Vietnam’s Core Values as below:

1.      Highest ethical standards and sense of legal responsibility

2.      Fairness and transparency   

3.      Progressive spirit and open mind

4.      Customers satisfaction and trust of society, Corporate growth in harmony with society

The fourth Core Values are equally critical to our success as a Responsible Company. In every business unit, management is in charge of instilling these values and ensuring that our business principals are respected.

With your assistance, we are confident that JGC Vietnam’s values and reputation will be upheld for long time into the future continuously.

I indeed would like your deep understanding and commitment to the above.

Sincerely yours,

Nobuaki Hoshino

General Director