2016 JVC Football Championship

Harmonized with amazing atmosphere of Hanoi autumn, 2016 JVC Football Champions League has been organized on 6th November 2016 with great expectation of all company members.

Despite a large number of engineers were working at NSRP construction site, the championship has witnessed an exciting spirit of hundreds of football players, cheerleaders and fans from 6 teams. With very fierce football battles and tackles, some injuries have occurred but First aid team has in-time assistance for hurt players. After the referee’s final whistle, Electrical football team has won I&C team with 1-0 score persuasively to achieve JVC Championship Cup for the first time.

In spite of some unexpectations and pity from fans, 2016 JVC Football Champions League has marked a memorable event into company’s team-building activities. See you all in the next JVC football season!